Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Feminist pressure groups taking steps to ensure censorship of criticism: A threat to freedom of speech and liberty for us all

As a user of Facebook myself, I have been aware of the fact that certain feminist pressure groups have been successful in having content that advocates violence towards women removed. I have no problem with this per se, however I was slightly disturbed by the fact that they were using the presence of certain Facebook pages as evidence of endemic misogyny and sexism in our society and the media. I am sure that if you look hard enough there will be material out there that encourages people to believe all sorts of awful or crazy things, and I agree that this needs to be dealt with. However, I personally feel that rather than turning the whole process into a series of moves that essentially used blackmail to persuade Facebook to change their policy for fear of a PR disaster, it would have been more mature and constructive (not to mention democratic) instead to encourage a debate about the real issues here that affect us all:

What should/should not be allowed on the internet?

Who should get to decide whether material that expresses an opinion that may be offensive to some is appropriate?

However, things have now taken a highly sinister turn. When the men’s rights movement launched a campaign that tried to present the other side of the ‘rape culture’ debate, it became apparent that what the femnists had really achieved was to set up a censorship policy under which they could not be criticised.

Many thanks to the brave woman who writes Shining Pearls of Something for bringing this to my attention:


Feminists have long endeavored to have their opponents labeled as ‘haters’ and their material censored as ‘hate’. Well, I am not a ‘hater’, I am just a woman who believes, from the bottom of my heart, that they are wrong. I ask them to respect my right to feel and express this. I ask them to consider whether they are happy that I am currently writing this in fear of repercussions and having my voice silenced. I ask them to consider who is oppressing whom.

Please go to this Facebook page and tell them exactly why this is wrong:


Written by
Elena Rider

This article was first published on Femalefedupwithfeminism.

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